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Schär’s Quality Assurance team are tasked with ensuring that all of Schar’s production sites meet the highest possible standards with regards to safety and quality, from raw materials to the finished product. There are a number of steps they take to ensure our products are safe and free from any contamination with gluten.

  • The farmers who grow the cereals for our ingredients have dedicated gluten free fields, with no contamination for a two field radius. We have established long-term partnerships with these farmers, so that they understand how important safety and quality are to us. They are regularly audited to ensure these strict standards are upheld.
  • The ingredients are then transported in controlled transport to our dedicated gluten free factories
  • Upon entering the factory, the ingredients are analysed again to ensure that there has been no gluten contamination.
  • Our dedicated quality assurance (QA) department monitors the quality and safety of over 300 globally produced and sold products and conducts more than 100 gluten analyses every day.

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